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Dangerous Truthers - Get Out In Front, Write Your Own Wiki Page- Example

When ya write or talk about certain sensitive topics it may give ya a second or two of contemplative pause. A person might wonder what others will make of the information discussed, opinions opined, etc. For my own case, I thought I’d kind of lead the dissent as it were and preempt possible misunderstandings while staying true to the form and goals of, in this instance, a wikipedia page template. Maybe this’ll give readers another idea of how they too might ‘set the record straight’ in their own circles, whilst still satisfying Big Brother’s strict requirements.


Drew, Joseph Gibbs (Apr. 21, 1969- not dead yet) is a conspiracy theorist, anti-semite, neo-Nazi holocaust denier, anti-vaxx, anti-war, anti-Israel, anti-semitic flat earth dis-information activist and anti-semitic conspiracy theorist notable mainly for his championing of Sept. 11th ‘01 conspiracy theories and espousing extremist far-left false notions about the genocide in Gaza, as well as radical far-right paranoid unfounded views about Israel, the Jews and false accusations of “routinely skewed and negative” media portrayals of Vladimir Putin and Russia. Additionally, he has in recent years contributed false claptrap about the Holocaust, Nazis, sex-slavery, covid-19, vaccines, the LGBTQWTF community, the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Sandy Hook and other school shootings, NASA, Science (which he falsely labels “scientism”), the “jewish-controlled enemy war transmission mainstream media”, UN Agenda 21, the World Economic Forum, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), “the evolution of a Zionist New World Order bio-security state,” and American President Joseph Biden whom he claims is “a groper” and “not real great.”  

A self-described “practicing musician, worker of many odd jobs, researcher and writer of articles as well as devoted husband and lawn-mower” he currently records a weekly radio show airing on the far right-wing conspiracy site every Monday night at 9pm EST where he holds court with his radical and false conspiracy theories ad nauseam. 

In a false far-right personal statement he declared recently, “I don’t hate anyone, I love all good people which is a vast majority, contrary to the warped picture presented by mainstream ‘Mockingbird’1 media. I don’t care what color or creed ya are. Mainstream media framing and labeling of concerned citizens as conspiracy theorists, anti-semites, racists, white supremacists, far-right, etc. is the standard operational procedure. The purpose of this is to distract and preemptively program or guide people away from the message. However, many more people now are seeing through the politically corrupted science, fear porn indoctrination and layers of propaganda being foisted on them and the positive transformation is starting to kick into high gear. Media spell casting has lost its mojo.” 

Mr. Gibbs continued, “People now understand important facts such as that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were leveled by demolitions on Sept. 11 ‘01, they didn’t just “collapse” as described by media and ‘official’ investigations. They’ve figured out that the PCR testing regime for covid and other such “diseases” is a sham and that this fact, far from being so-called ‘mis-information’ is potentially life-saving information.” 

“They know now that the Apollo “moon landings” were staged by a tax-payer funded, highly compartmentalized, upper-degree Freemason inspired NASA organization and promoted internationally by Zionist media. They’ve seen the extent of a common sense denying and indoctrinated appeal to authority that delivered generations over to the obviously fallacious belief that rockets could propel themselves and maneuver in a “vacuum of outer space.” Many have wondered openly as well whether or not just maybe in July 1969 President Nixon talked on the phone with Apollo 11 Astro-nots actually in Florida and not “on the moon.””  

With even more solemnity he related, “They can see that world war mass murder scenarios are orchestrated, profitable rituals that sacrifice a Nation’s best and brightest in order to effect elite agenda and geo-strategic moves that lead toward the long hoped for Jewish Zionist-led “New World Order.” “Very soon now people will turn off the TV, refusing en masse to be brainwashed, divided and conquered and robbed. They will calmly cease contributing to their own enslavement and will vow to mention they actually love their neighbors. Should the propaganda and false flag terrorism continue they will commence with the Sheriff sanctioned citizens arrests of those traitors actively pedaling such big lie fantasy stories.” 

Though not widely influential- statistics thankfully show a relatively minuscule audience for his false claims and disinformation- a joint statement issued by Israel, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the New York Times (NYT) describe Mr. Gibbs as a “dangerous far right-wing disinformation activist terrorist” whose “… hate speech potentially imperils the very operational cognitive programing of all decent people everywhere including the kids.” 

They state further that, “Although our bread and butter is lies and vile slander we are frankly off-put if not shocked and awed by the chutzpah of this and other lying truther anti-semite conspiracy theorists like him. Should he gain any traction with his speaking of far right anti-semitic hate-speech words, our agents will be forced to relieve him and his wife of their assets and throw him in prison like we did with the Jan 6th insurrectionist terrorists. It would have been better for everybody if he’d of just stuck with acceptable propositions like “Velveeta is not real food.””

“Don’t be fooled by his seeming pacifist demeanor and avowals of non-violence” the coalition continued, “Jokers like him are a danger to the free world. Luckily, when internet-radicalized anti-semitic far-right activist conspiracy theory endorsing terrorists get noticed or have significant influence, they can tend to become prematurely dead from accidents or as a result of myocardial infarctions.” 

“Let us pray,” they concluded. 



D-RU MUSIC YouTube channel:

Scribd articles:



Holocaust revisionism

by Germar Rudolf


Sept. 11th ‘01-

and israel’s involvement...

Sandy Hook 

  • JFK assassination

-view The Men Who Killed Kennedy video series-


-read JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James Douglass-

-read False Mystery by Vincent Salandria if you can find it. 

-read History Will Not Absolve Us by Martin Schotz

  • ’95 OKC bombing

-view A Noble Lie-


-view The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh by James Corbett-

wider ‘jewish question’ resources-

For those who are interested in further research and current commentary on these types of matters, American authors 

are all excellent writers with unique perspectives.

more truth...

-some links to United Nations Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals, GAVI, World Economic Forum and the Bill and Mel Gates Foundation

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30 jun

Thankyou, I'm happy with your points... thanks for reading and taking the time, etc.

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29 jun

Wow, what a resource list! Thank you, Drew. And your wiki page captures it on so many levels. Fun and telling read!

Me gusta
30 jun
Contestando a

Thankyou, much appreciated...

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27 jun

A lot going on here..IF ...God is real and He actually exists nearby...He really created the Heavens ans the earth(they didn`t evolve through the forces of "nature")... He really is the Father of a physical Son through a physical woman on earth...His Son`s name is Jesus(meaning "salvation")...Jesus spent three decades on earth, carefully fulfilling a myriad of Old Testament prophecies...His death upon the Cross is the central event of Time and Eternity...salvation through Christ`s finished work is necessary...that event offered YOU the opportunity to live for eternity in a perfect blessing...God has provided a Bible that contains all the information you`ll need to make your decision about these things...there is a dark side and a Satan who wants to kee…

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