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Divide & Conquer

In Latin it's known as Divide et impera. We know it as divide & conquer. This psychology has been used on the masses for thousands of years. The Romans perfected it, and used it as a military strategy. Their mantra was to "secure command by breaking a large concentration of power into portions that alone were weaker, and methodically dispatching those portions one by one.

The controllers have mastered this system, and have destroyed nationalist countries by using this same method. Just over the last 4 years, think about all of the ways they divided us and attacked each other, all the while the people who are actually destroying our country stand by & laugh as we fall for the bait every time.

With Covid, you had pro mask and anti mask. Then you had pro jab and anti jab. If you walked into your local Walmart without a mask, half the people would smile at you, and half the people would lose their mind.

In America, they love to divide us with race. With the George Floyd psy-op, we were divided racially. Those of us old enough to remember, they used those same tactics in the early 90's with the OJ Simpson case, and of course the Rodney King incident which led to the 1992 riots of Los Angeles. Al Sharpton tried to do the same with the Tawana Brawley incident, but that was so over the top it didn't take long for the lie to be exposed. The same playbook was used just a few years ago with Jussie Smollet. That incident could have led to injuries, deaths & more destruction. Smollett was only sentenced to 5 months in jail plus probation, which was not nearly enough of a deterrence to discourage anyone from trying that again.

The divide and conquer game is instilled in us early in life through sports and politics. When I was growing up in the '70s and 80s, I was told by my grandfather to not talk about sports, politics & religion in the business world. It has been interesting to see how these divisive topics have become a part of everyday life, which is what the controllers wanted.

In 2024, politics (and most likely war) will be a mighty tool they will use to champion our continued division amongst ourselves. After all these years of broken promises and lies, people will still put signs in their front yard for either Trump or Biden. How people still believe a politician can fix this mess is beyond me. We need less laws, not more. We need less government, not more. We need men with moral compasses to shepherd this country through the most difficult time we have ever faced.

There is no easy solution. Like someone who has ignored the "check engine" light for too long, we are going to need a complete overhaul. And it's going to be painful. The reason we have gotten to this point is because so many have bought into the divide & conquer scheme. Voting every 4 years does not make one a "Patriot." That term has been thrown around so much it's silly. Many folks on Twitter and Facebook call themselves Patriots because they post silly political nonsense. They are simply adding fuel to the fire in the divide & conquer plan.

We are not in a race war. We are not in a political war. We are in a war of good versus evil. We are also in a class war. Those people who hold power will not politely give it up. Never in history has power been stolen, then simply given back to the masses. It will take people of both personal and moral courage to turn this around. We are the 99%. Stop buying into the rhetoric, and focus on the people who are truly causing this misery.

Remember, no matter what, if man's law crosses God's law, it is your inherent responsibility to simply say no. The Bible tells us that followers of Jesus Christ will be persecuted. We live amongst a spiritual war, and it is an exciting time to be alive. You can be a part of the greatest comeback in world history, or we can simply roll over and do nothing.

Like MSG Jeremy Brown said, "Don't do nothing."

God bless & thanks for reading.


"The Fact Hunter"

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