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Episode 255 Preview: Interview with "Grace's Dad" Scott Schara

Updated: 1 day ago

Tuesday night, June 11th at 8 PM ET, my interview with "Grace's dad" Scott Schara will be available on all podcast distributors. We also recorded the podcast on video, and we will make the video available on Rumble as well.

 Scott Schara is a nationally recognized expert commentator on the medical murder agenda in America, and the dangers of incentivized healthcare. Scott’s research proves that this practice of medical murder is intentional—and by design. The father of Grace Schara, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome who was killed by St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Ascension Health), Scott is on a mission to spotlight the crimes of the American medical system. 

He has shared his insights, research, and personal story through hundreds of television, radio, and podcast appearances, and also hosts his own show, “Deprogramming With Grace’s Dad,” which can be found on Rumble and on all major podcast platforms.

UPDATE: The video will be available on Rumble June 11th at 8 PM ET.

His work and story have been chronicled in a chapter of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller Rise of the Fourth Reich by Steve Deace and David Horowitz (Post Hill Press, 2023), and his writing has also appeared in Assault on the Image of God by David Fiorazo (Bowker, 2023). 

His landmark lawsuit in the murder of his daughter, Scott Schara v. Ascension Health et al., is underway in Wisconsin Circuit Court, and will see a jury trial in November 2024. 

The Power Point presentation Scott gives on the podcast is available here:

Mandated killing fields - Highlight PP
Download PPTX • 16.43MB

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