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Fact Hunter Exclusive: US Troops To Be Fed Lab Grown Meat. Guess Who's Behind It?

*Partial Credit to Newsmax: A public-private company that has received more than $500 million in federal funding from the Department of Defense (DOD) is seeking proposals to feed U.S. service members with lab-grown meant to reduce the carbon footprint at military outposts.

BioMADE announced June 3 on its website that it is seeking proposals for "innovations in food production that reduce the CO2 footprint of food production at and/or transport to DOD operational environments." The innovations include, but are not limited to, "novel cell culture methods suitable for the production of cultivated meat/protein," or lab-grown meat, the Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday.

Lab-grown meat is a recent advancement in bio-production in which animal muscle and fat tissues are grown from altered animal cells in bioreactors using a complex formula of chemicals, temperature, and pressure to mimic cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. Still in its experimental phase, the method has created a debate regarding how efficient and moral it is to manufacture meat without slaughtering animals.

BioMADE, which launched in 2021, received a $450 million budget increase from the Pentagon in March 2023. It maintains that lab-grown food products will reduce the Pentagon's carbon footprint, the Free Beacon reported, a priority for the U.S. military as it pursues a Biden administration mandate to address the effects of alleged climate change.

The group is also seeking proposals to convert waste into bioproducts; for carbon-capture technologies that convert greenhouse gases, including CO2 and methane, into bio-products that are of industrial use and resist degradation; and for developing bio-products that can be used to prevent or slow coastal erosion, or mitigate the impact of drought or fluctuating weather patterns.........

But again, the MSM and controlled "alternative media" only give you half the story. The CEO of BIOMade is an Ashkenazi Jew named Doug Friedman. His company received HALF A BILLION DOLLARS to create lab grown meat to feed to our US Soldiers.

But it gets worse. Doug Friedman also serves as consultant (special government employee) at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy focused on a broad range of policy matters in non-health biotechnology and bio-manufacturing as drivers for economic growth and opportunities in national security. So the White House is literally giving money to its own employees!

Prior to him founding BioMADE, he was the founding Executive Director and President of Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC). There he worked closely with Laurie Zoloth. Have you ever heard of her before? Let me introduce you:

A leader in the field of religious studies with particular scholarly interest in bioethics and Jewish studies, Laurie Zoloth’s research explores religion and ethics, drawing from sources ranging from Biblical and Talmudic texts to postmodern Jewish philosophy, including the writings of Emmanuel Levinas. Her scholarship spans the ethics of genetic engineering, stem cell research, synthetic biology, social justice in health care, and how science and medicine are taught.

She also researches the practices of interreligious dialogue, exploring how religion plays a role in public discussion and policy.Zoloth is author of Health Care and the Ethics of Encounter: A Jewish Discussion of Social Justice and co-editor of five books, including Notes from a Narrow Ridge: Religion and Bioethics and Jews and Genes: The Genetic Future in Contemporary Jewish Thought. Zoloth has been the president of the American Academy of Religion and the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities. She was the inaugural director of the Jewish Studies program at San Francisco State University and director of graduate studies in religious studies at Northwestern.

She is an elected member of the Hastings Center and a life member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. She is a founding board member of the Society for Scriptural Reasoning.Her work on bioethics and health care led her to serve on the NASA Advisory Council, the space agency’s highest civilian advisory board; the International Planetary Protection Committee; the National Recombinant DNA Advisory Board, and the executive committee of the International Society for Stem Cell Research. She served as chair of the first bioethics advisory board at the Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute and has testified in front of Congress, the President’s Commission on Bioethics, and state legislatures.

But wait, there's more!

They knew they were getting the funding, so they set up a non profit. The CEO of the non profit is Amy Schwartz. That's right.

So these people with zero moral compass just pocketed half a billion bucks in return for feeding our troops bio engineered food.

I've had about enough.

Keep your head on a swivel,


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Ryan Risselman
Ryan Risselman

Bet the DOD is paying $100/lb for that garbage. Probably loaded up with more experimental mRNA vaccines as well!

The Fact Hunter
The Fact Hunter


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