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MLB Pushing "Pride" Agenda On Our Youth

I was driving to my sister's house yesterday when I heard a commercial for an upcoming Baltimore Orioles "themed" event. When I heard what it was, I almost drove off the road:

The Baltimore Orioles will host “LGBTQ+ Pride Night” on Thursday, June 27. There will be a live DJ at Legends Park before the 6:35 p.m. game against the reigning World Series champion Texas Rangers.

Here is what they have planned:

Gates open until 6:15 p.m.: Live DJ in Legends Park

  • Gates open until 8:30 p.m.: Pride-Themed Activities in the Bullpen Picnic Area

  • Pride Face Painting

  • 360 Photo Booth

  • Pride Temporary Tattoos & DIY Crafts

  • Pride-Themed Food & Beverage

  • Orioles Pride Logo Cookies: Available at Club Level at the Just Desserts

  • Rainbow Kettle Corn: Available at all markets and bars

  • Pride Punch garnished with Rainbow Candy Strips: Served at all liquor bar locations including the Coors Light Roof Deck

  • Pride-Themed Merchandise at Team Store

  • Oriole Pride shirt

  • Orioles Pride Pin

  • Two (2) Orioles Pride Cap Options

  • LGBTQ+ Pride decorations all around the ballpark

These people are going after our children, and they are not trying to hide the fact anymore.

Sadly most people believe that voting for Trump in November will fix this mess. The fact is politicians are the most morally bankrupt people in the world. It is up to all of us to stand up to this evil put an end to Weimerica.

God bless,


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Jun 24

Shocking video... "you'll forget you were ever upset", hilarious. Thanks for posting.


Ryan Risselman
Ryan Risselman
Jun 24

Fun fact - the Texas Rangers are the only MLB team to choose NOT to participate in any sort of pride night, rainbow alternate logos or jerseys - I'm not a huge fan since they beat the D'Backs in the series last year, but that's enough to let me know ownership has their heads screwed on straight - I know it used to be the corrupt and evil Bush family that owned them, not sure if they are still involved. I thought Nolan Ryan might be. My adopted home team, the Diamondbacks (even though I'm still a die-hard Cubs fan - it's a gift and a curse) try to counter the pride garbage by doing a "Faith & Family Nigh…

The Fact Hunter
The Fact Hunter
Jun 24
Replying to

I completely forgot the Rangers were the one team who didn’t go along with the agenda. I’m sure the date was intentional to get back at them for it.

Great job with the "Faith & Family Night”, we need more of this!!!!

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