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France Was Already Gone

Social media was on fire last night. "France is gone" was the chant in response to the Socialists/Communists winning the French election, with right wing Zionist backed Marine LePen coming in third place. The fact of the matter is France was already gone.

Prior to the scamdemic, traveling abroad with family and friends was something that many people yearned for. Seeing the architecture, trying new food, and exploring historical locations was a bucket list item for most people. Europe was one of those destinations, specifically France.

Paris was one of the most visited cities in the world. The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral (set to reopen this December), Pantheon, and much more. But beginning in 2007, the number of immigrants invading (or shall we say imported?) France has gone through the roof.

Since 2007, France has averaged close to 400,000 "refugees" every year. The anomaly was 2014, when France took in over 2,500,000 refugees in just one year

The Kalergi Plan has been completed in France. It may be too late in the UK and here in the United States as well.

Paris, the one time "crowned jewel of Europe" is now a cesspool wasteland that resembles 2020 Portland. Most normies will tell you that if Trump doesn't win the election in November, we are done. As I've said hundreds of times, we are NOT voting our way out of this mess. Right now, we aren't just fighting for our freedom, we are literally fighting for our survival. Look at what has happened to France in the last 17 years:

In 2018 alone, France's crime rate jumped an astonishing 9%. That number is mind boggling. Bring people from a society that is not rules based, to a society that is rules based is a recipe for disaster.

The sexual assault statistics have gone through the roof. The number of recorded instances of sexual abuse increased by 24 percent 2021. That is astonishing. Of course the talking heads in the main stream media won't correlate the skyrocketing crime rates with the refugee crisis. Just like watching the vaccine schedule skyrocket parallel to the autism numbers, the skyrocketing number of refugees parallel's the crime statistics. But most people will ignore it, and many people will call you racist for simply pointing it out.

France was already gone. Macron and his tranny wife are simply handing off the treasonous baton to another communist traitor, who will do whatever the Rothschild bankers and their Zionist puppet masters tell them to do.

France is a direct reflection of what the USA will look like very shortly if we don't change things really quickly. The video below is a small example of what is coming.

God bless,


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5 days ago

Hate to be the doom and gloom guy, but I don't think we can be saved through the means of government. Unfortunately, and fortunately, it will have to devolve into chaos and destruction of the ruling party first. And they have strings attached to everyone, which means that people will serve them til the end. It's not doom and gloom if you have salvation though. Matthew 26:41, James 3:4, Hebrews 12:11


5 days ago

It was at the after-school drama club of Lycée la Providence where she and Emmanuel Macron first met.[10] She was in charge of the after-school theater club he attended when he was 15 alongside her own daughter Laurence who was in his class.[11] Their relationship has attracted controversy, as she is his senior by close to 25 years, and Macron has described it as "a love often clandestine, often hidden, misunderstood by many before imposing itself".[12]


5 days ago

Zion is mentioned in the Bible 153 times. Like history we have been given to be mostly a lie , one should be in awe of God at His soon to be dwelling. Repent or perish unsaved earth!

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