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Paul English: "What Is The Point Of Having An Election?"

On today's "Paul English Live Show," Paul made a fantastic speech about why elections are truly pointless until other things are rectified, namely the banking system. Why even bother to have a government? The bankers clearly control the politicians, which means voting in itself is fruitless.

Paul's show is one of the few I go out of my way to listen to each week. As you know, the 2024 United Kingdom general election is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 4 July 2024. It will determine the composition of the House of Commons, which "determines the Government of the United Kingdom." Paul's points easily translate to every western government in the world, because they are all clearly run by the bankers.

I hope you will take ten minutes and listen to this incredibly astute take on the world's current situation. The links to Paul's work can be found here:

Paul English Live on Rumble:

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