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Trigger Phrases as Psyops

How the bad guys amplify the absurd to control the narrative

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Recently I discovered disturbing information about a podcaster I follow. It caused me to pause and re-evaluate my world view for about the 100th time since March 2020. My worldview aside, I’ve come to appreciate one thing:

The globalists hate nuance. 

They want us fighting. They want us polarized. They want to control both sides of the debate. Pick A. Or pick Z. But don’t consider or understand B through Y.

One of the tools the globalists use to ensure that we only debate A or Z is something I’m calling “amplification of the absurd.” They take the most extreme position of a debate or concept, ie the “Z” conclusion, and promote it so that it overruns any B to Y nuance. 

Three examples come to mind.

  • No planes on 9/11

  • Viruses don’t exist

  • Flat earth

Admit you have an extreme reaction to that list. But for purposes of this essay, please set aside your personal convictions. Because the psyop1 isn’t the truth or veracity of these phrases. The psyop is the promotion of them to obscure the core concerns and discourage truth seekers.

The globalists want you to have an extreme reaction to extreme positions. Once they create polarization, all they have to do is manipulate the algorithms so that you always find the extremes. And therefore that’s the majority of the narrative.

If you keep debating the extreme, you don’t consider the implications of those phrases - which, I would argue, are far more important than the position itself. 

Let’s explore the three examples:


Truther: Hey do you that Building 7 collapsed from an office fire on 9/11? And that a BBC reported it on live tv BEFORE the collapse happened?

Joe Normal: Wow, no I didn’t know that.

Truther: Oh wait it gets worse. There were no planes…

Joe Normal: Huh? That’s crazy.

And you end up not talking about planes and physics instead of GOVERNMENT MURDER and the evisceration of our rights via the Patriot Act. 

That’s exactly what the algorithmic overlords want.

Truthers often refer to pre-2017 as the “wild west” years for Youtube. It was a time when you could find content questioning 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, mass shootings, secret societies, flat earth, viral mythology etc. 

There were plenty of videos thoughtfully challenging the 9/11 mainstream narrative. But you had to cross the “NO PLANES” Rubicon first. I remember searching circa 2015; I never got past “no planes.” And I gave up. Hence why I would argue that even back then, the algorithm gods were using amplification of the absurd.

No Viruses

Covid is similar. Today you can find content around masks and social distancing and lockdowns. You can find some content about the shots. Those “in your face” lies are relatively easy to talk about now. 

But if Truther tries to explain to Joe Normal that there was no pandemic from an epidemiological perspective, it inevitably leads to “viruses don’t exist.” The no virus team will confidently and condescending explain that “covid was never isolated” and 

thus viruses don’t exist. End of discussion. 

“No virus” leaves you with more questions than answers.2 And that is by design. Because they don’t want you to talk about how the pandemic was GOVERNMENT MURDER, how it destroyed the economies, or how they eviscerated what was left of our rights under the guise of “emergency.”

Flat Earth

They’ll let you discover that the moon landing was a hoax. NASA has all but admittedit. Maybe you’ve heard a Truther/Joe Normal conversation about it. But when you try to figure out how pervasive the lies are today, you end up at “the earth is flat.” 

Flat earth is road block for most. Or if you dare to research it, your next stop is the Flat Earth Society nonsense. And that will definitely dissuade you. What you don’t consider is how many billions of tax dollars NASA has embezzled, how many people have been killed keeping the Moon Landing hoax, or WHY they continue to lie about space travel. (Hint, it probably has something to do with planning a fake alien attack.) 


What if the more nuanced positions were promoted or more searchable? What if the implications of the lies were promoted over how they pull off the lies? I think there would be many more truth seekers. 

If we could amplify that

  • Building 7 fell at freefall speed due to an office fire. 9/11 witnesses reported hearing explosions.

  • Viruses can’t be seen under a microscope. Virology is almost entirely theoretical

  • NASA has been caught lying and using photoshop so often that we can’t trust anything they say about the universe or space.

Perhaps more people would be receptive to their own truth journey.

That’s why I say ‘no planes, no viruses and flat earth’ are psyops. But not because they’re untrue. And not because they are true. The psyop is the “beeline to Z” to the exclusion of the core issues and more nuanced positions. The seeming absurd makes it difficult for newbies to find - or to be willing to find - truth.

Now whenever I’m confronted with an extreme idea on my truth journey, I prayerfully pause before amplifying it. Because even truth can a stumbling block if we fail to build a bridge spanning A to Z. 

Thank you for reading. Here’s your reward.

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Jun 22

Excellent, thank-you... you make a lot of great points, very much food for thought there and nice cats! I myself am pretty hard core on two of your three examples at the top, haven't jumped on the 'no planes' but watched a doc on it... I wouldn't be surprised, but anyhow....

I generally agree with what I think you're saying, re sound byte phrases being used to discredit honest research, etc. I would proffer it's not that the positions are 'extreme' in themselves but only the ongoing massive and disingenuous media gaslighting of people maintaining those positions, etc. We know for instance about the conscious CIA effort to discredit Kennedy assassination researchers by refering to them as 'conspiracy buffs' o…

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