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We Are Looking For Blog Writers And Radio Hosts

Hello everyone! We are looking to use this website as a way for our listeners to become more involved in the truth community. If you enjoy writing, or you have always wanted to start your own radio show, I am offering you that platform right now.

First, I am looking for blog writers who would like to contribute daily, weekly or even monthly. Whether it be current events, or revisionist history, we would love to have you write your stories here on homepage. If you already have a sub-stack, or write on Scribd, feel free to use this platform as a way to spread the word about your work.

Next: if you've always wanted your own radio show, now is your chance. I will give you the opportunity to create your own 30 minute, 1 or 2 hour pre-recorded radio show that will run in the same time slot every week. Eventually, I will give some people the chance to do their own radio show live! Again, even if you have your own YouTube channel or podcast, this is your opportunity to spread the word about your work.

If you're interested in either of these opportunities (or both), simply email me at, or hit me up on Skype at george.hobbs5, or simply leave a comment here with your contact information.

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1 Comment

The Fact Hunter
The Fact Hunter
Apr 25

I've streamlined the radio program to where you simply create an MP3 file and drop it into my share folder. I'll upload it to your appointed time slot.

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