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Why Christians Must LEAVE Christian Zionist Churches Before God Can Again Bless America by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

In this brief 14-minute video clip, Pastor Chuck Baldwin compares God's divorce from Old Testament adulterous Israel with the way America's evangelical churches are committing spiritual adultery against Christ and His New Covenant by their idolatrous relationship with antichrist Zionist Israel today. He shows that the Assyrian invasion of Israel was God's judgment for their idolatry--and a token of His divorce from His Old Covenant bride.

The love affair between America's evangelical churches and Zionist Israel has taken our country to the precipice of global nuclear war. At the same time, our nation is collapsing from within. This is a sign of God's anger against His backslidden Church.

Jeremiah's call to enslaved Israel to "return" to the true love and worship of Jehovah is the message needed for God's people in America now. We must return to our "first love"--the love the Church had with Christ before 1948--and renounce our idolatrous and adulterous affair with Zionist Israel. Watch Pastor Baldwin's passionate appeal to America's Christian people.

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