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New Podcast Format Kicks Off Sunday, April 28th

Beginning this Sunday, April 28th, we will release 3 episodes per week. On Sunday's, we will continue to release our "Classic Audio" series featuring Bill Cooper, along with other important lectures from the past.

Tuesday's will remain our regular "deep dive" into historical events, people & rabbit holes that we have investigated over the past 4 years.

NEW! Our new Thursday episodes will feature more current events, from a perspective you won't hear from the mainstream media. We will help you "keep your head on a swivel", as we navigate through the propaganda that is fed to the masses via the MSM.

If you would like to join us on the podcast, send us an email to

God bless,


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2 comentários

25 de abr.

Wow, awesome. Your show is almost the only one I listen to anymore. Otherwise, so much noise out there. Your show is authentic and deep and also grateful for the classic audio. Am learning so much!

The Fact Hunter
The Fact Hunter
27 de abr.
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Thank you so much!

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